Tycjan Knut was born in 1985 in Warsaw, graduated in 2011 from the Warsaw Academy of Fine
Arts after studying painting in the studio of Prof. Jarosław Modzelewski. Ph.D. at the Jan Kochanowski University Institute of Fine Arts in Kielce. Knut works in painting and drawing, 
He mostly creates subtle abstractions, which resound with the echo of the geometric trend, but also express a desire to exceed that tradition, freed from the constraints of formula. Knut uses delicate tonal differences and subtle colours. His reductive images also have qualities of a multi-level
composition, because they were established as a result of the rise and overlap of colours in time,
in a way that resembles the organic world. Guided by intuition and imagination. He’s known for
digging in archives in search for long forgotten or unknown abstract “masters”, as his interest focuses on discovering the art from 1960s. and 1970s. 
 lives and works in London
paintings in collections: PKO Bank, Contemporary Art Centre El 
private collections in:
Great Britain, USA, Switzerland, Dubai, Monaco, China, Poland, Italy, Japan, France, Germany, Mexico,

Selected Solo Shows:
2014 “Old School” Contemporary Art Centre Warsaw Zamek Ujazdowski, Poland  
2016 "Pictures Unnamed" Gallery Xs, Institute of Art UJK university, Poland 
2016 “reticence” Kohana Gallery Warsaw, Poland
2016 "more-less" Contemporary Art Centre Gallery El, Elblag, Poland
2013 "Emocjonalne Rozwiazania Formalne Minimalnych Atrakcji" Wuzetm Warsaw, Poland
2011 "Empty Poster" Academy of Fine Arts Warsaw, Poland
2011 "Tycjan Knut - Paintings" Soho Factory Warsaw, Poland
2011 MA Final Show Academy of Fine Arts Warsaw, Poland

Selected Group Shows:
2020 "Invisible Subjects" Cadogan Contemporary London, Great Britain 
2019 "Summer Show" Cadogan Contemporary London, Great Britain
2019 "Halucy-nacja" Propaganda Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2019 "3 Anni" Numeroventi, Florence, Italy
2018 "In the neighbourhood" House of Grey London, London, Great Britain
2018 "Emerging Hermit" Workshop London, London, Great Britain 
 2015 "Mere Formality" Contemporary Art Centre Labyrinth Gallery Lublin, Poland 
2013 "Oskar Karaś -Niespójna Wizja” Gallery Praca, Warsaw, Poland
2013 "Painting between rationality and expression" Theatre Wandy Smiemaszkowej
Rzeszow, Poland.
2013 "Postawy" Gallery Xs, Institute of Art UJK university, Poland
2013 "Collection" - Korekta Gallery Warsaw, Poland
2013 "No Problem" Gallery 303, Warsaw, Poland
2012 "What’s The Difference" Gallery 303, Warsaw, Poland
2012 "Zawód Artysta" Raster Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
 2011 „Floating fish 2043 – blisko morza” Odraz Zoo Galery, Szczecin, Poland
2011 " Kordegaart, No budget show" Kordegarda Gallery, Warsaw Poland 
 2011 "Alias” Contemporary Art Centre Bunkier Sztuki Krakow, Poland

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